CAP Announcement Concerning Requests in Asian American Studies

At 6:20pm today, Dean Buell emailed members of the CPC working group in Asian American Studies with the results of the CAP’s deliberations on the tenure-line requests for faculty in Asian American Studies.

The CAP has approved two tenure-track Asian Americanist hires, one in American Studies and one in Religion. One faculty search for a senior scholar to be appointed in American Studies will be conducted in the 2019-2020 academic year, and the second search will be conducted in the 2020-2021 academic year, “open-rank but likely with preference for an early-career scholar” in Religion.

The hiring of these two faculty specializing in Asian American Studies will play a critical role in finally establishing an Asian American Studies program at Williams. As for immediate next steps, we are envisioning student involvement in the hiring process, the formation of a program headed by a Committee of Educational Affairs (CEA) Working Group on Asian American Studies once the two faculty hires arrive, and then a hire exclusively in Asian American Studies, unlike the joint hires in Religion and American Studies. 

We sincerely thank members of WAAAAN (Williams Asian and Asian American Alumni Network) for emailing President Mandel, Provost Love, and Dean Buell with statements in support of the CPC Working Group's report on Asian American Studies. In addition, we are immensely grateful to student and faculty allies both on campus and across the country at other colleges and universities who have supported us at our teach-ins, photo campaigns, demonstration at Previews in 2018, and in other initiatives.

This opens up a new chapter of the thirty-year-old Asian American Studies Movement at Williams; while we are excited for the faculty searches, these lines do not equate to a program. There is much more work still left to be done. We will continue to hold the administration accountable and make sure this necessary first step towards a program leads to its fruition.

Stay tuned for updates.

Williams Record Coverage of AASM (2018-2019)

For your perusal, here is a directory to the Williams Record coverage of the movement for Asian American Studies this school year.

We will be hearing back from the Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) about the two requests for Asian Americanists in the Religion and American Studies departments by Friday, May 10. We strongly encourage you to call the President's Office and leave voicemails, and email CAP members President MandelProvost Love, and Dean Buell with a statement in support of the CPC Working Group's report on AAS.

Congrats to Amherst College...

...on issuing a public commitment to AAS student organizers for the establishment of an Asian American Studies program by 2023! Thank you for taking the step in the right direction; we hope that Williams College will do the same by the end of this year.

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