Our fight at Williams College is not a unique one. Colleges & universities across the nation have been fighting for Asian American Studies in similar ways; administrations have also fought back against Asian American Studies Movements with the same rhetoric, the same committee-creations, the same false promises. To this end, we are building a national coalition with other AAS movement groups to strategize and track each others' progress. 

We are excited about the impending launch of the National Coalition for Asian American Pacific Islander Studies (NCAAPIS)! Please visit here for information before the official launch in late September.

Member institutions thus far include:

  • Hunter College/City University of New York (CUNY)

  • Binghamton University

  • Duke University

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • Bowdoin College

  • University of Connecticut

  • Rutgers University New Brunswick

  • Brandeis University

  • William & Mary

  • University of Florida

  • San Diego State University

  • University of San Francisco

  • Temple University

  • Florida State University

  • University of Delaware

  • Rutgers University

  • Wellesley College

  • Emerson College

  • Hunter College

  • George Mason University

  • George Washington University

  • Harvard University

  • Amherst College

  • Northwestern University

  • Yale University